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The Conference will provide a forum for agriculture related professionals to exchange information on science, applications and developments in the use of watershed science and technology. It will cover a wide array of topics. These include new applications of well established and understood technologies to innovative and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, in addition to issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination. Topics include but are not limited to:

Hot Topics

  • Emerging water quality/quantity case studies
  • Emerging tools in water quality analysis
  • Effects of climate change on water resources and water quality
  • Impact of extreme weather conditions for water quality/quantity
  • Water, climate change, and international food security
  • Fingerprinting techniques to identify pollutant sources
  • Long-term water-related research in agricultural landscapes
  • Emerging contaminants

Monitoring Technologies/Issues

  • Measuring success – post implementation monitoring
  • Biological monitoring for water quality/quantity projects
  • Bacterial monitoring, source identification and control practices
  • Data quality and management
  • Data collection to support water quality/quantity development
  • Wetlands, stream and river restoration, biomonitoring and land use impacts on downstream water bodies
  • Understanding relationships between edge-of-field effects and basin-scale water quality changes


  • Watershed implementation planning
  • Agricultural BMP effectiveness at multiple scales
  • Pollution control/management practices for point and nonpoint sources
  • Management practices for sediment control
  • Bioremediation systems for agriculture (wetlands, infiltration ponds, photocatalysis, radio frequency, UV pulsed and others)
  • Water quality issues for forest and rangelands


  • Performance and validation of models for water quality/quantity
  • Field and watershed scale modelling
  • Data mining, knowledge discovery in water quality data
  • GIS tools for watershed assessment

Social Impacts/Studies

  • Political and social ramifications
  • Solutions for increasing stakeholder involvement in the water quality/quantity process
  • Economic implications of water quality/quantity
  • Water quality / sediment standards

Focus on Vietnam and the Pacific Rim

  • Freshwater reforms and the National Objectives Framework
  • Farm-scale modelling of nutrient losses
  • Adoption and implementation of mitigation tools

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