Watershed Technology

Instructions for Presenters

Oral Presenters


  • Please load your presentation with the conference team in the speakers prep room after you have registered for the conference.  The speaker’s prep room TBA.
  • Please bring your file on a memory stick with the presenters name as the file name for ease of loading.
  • Please ensure your memory stick is virus free.
  • To ensure the smooth running of the programme all presentations must be loaded at least one session prior (speakers on Monday's first technical session should load talks before the opening plenary, or email the conference organiser prior to the conference(TBD) 


  • TBD


  • Each room is equipped with a built-in computer with data projector, pointer and various microphones.  Please Familiarise yourself with Audio visual equipment in the speaker’s prep room.  There will be a student helper on hand if you require assistance during your talk.
  • All presentations must be powerpoint files (2003 - LATER).
  • Projectors are not widescreen, so for optimal display the presentation should be 4x3 Aspect ratio.

Posters Presenters

  • The poster session will be held in (TBD) at the conference area, on Monday Dec. 5, from 5:00-7:00 pm.  Posters should be up before 10.30am on the Monday (velcro dots will be supplied) and remain up through-out the conference. 
  • You must be present for the entire poster session.  Please ensure you are near your poster to answer any questions or discuss your poster with delegates as and when necessary during this session.
  • It is the responsibility of poster-owners to remove their posters.  Any posters remaining after the conference will be disposed of. They will not be returned to owners.  If you will not be attending the full conference, it is your responsibility to arrange someone else to remove your poster on your behalf.